What you need to know about Pharma Sales Jobs

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Most of the big pharma companies require graduates with a four-year degree and this is also a requirement for start up companies. Though a degree in science or in biology is desired, any other graduate with a four-year degree can be recruited for pharmaceutical sales sectors. There are many pharmaceutical representatives working in sales jobs, having degrees if finance, education, law, finance and, of course, those with degrees in accounting and marketing.


Previous job experience in sales and marketing certainly offers an advantage while seeking jobs in sales. However, there are also many others who have worked in other sectors and capacities and have transitioned smoothly into a sales career in the pharma industry. More than the job title, it is important to have the right skills for the job related to the sales jobs.

Communication Skills

Many big as well as small pharma companies are known for targeting fresh college graduates for pharmaceutical sales jobs. Communication skills are considered the most important for a good sales job. This involves skills related to presentation as well as negotiation with physicians and the ability to influence a purchase.

Important Skills

Apart from good communication skills, the person must also be able to present the information in a clear and systematic manner. He should be capable of working towards a common goal with team spirit and have the ability to learn details and memorize information. Thus, graduates with a good GPA in college are preferred for all sales jobs. Another important attribute is time management skills as well as skills for organizing the work schedule. A positive and motivated attitude with out of the box thinking capabilities is a must. Confidence and determination are other important attributes for a good sales job in the pharma industry.  One must be ready to work tirelessly and focus on the goals to be achieved. You must also have sales skills and be ready to negotiate and close deals, developing strong and lasting relationships with practitioners and retailers.

Prescription Drugs Jobs

This is the sector where most of the sales action takes place and majority of the sales representatives of the industry work in this sector with physicians being the main target. Large companies need a range of sales force divisions, each of which promotes different products for different types of customers. The rep might be required to promote three or four drugs and some secondary products. The sales force usually focuses on new drugs, so that they are able to maximize the sales before the patent runs out, as it becomes difficult to compete with generic drugs that come into the market after the patent runs out.

Non-Prescription Drugs

Many companies have both prescriptions as well as over the counter drugs and use their sales force for these sectors separately. Sales positions involving OTC drugs can be a little smoother than the prescription drug sales, as they involve less technical details and graduates with a lower understanding of pharma products are also capable of selling these medicines. They may have to make calls to retailers and family physicians. The salaries for OTC drug sales will also be comparatively lower than that for prescription drug sales. After a few years experience, representatives can move over to sale of prescription drugs.

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