Sugar Might Be Permissible for Diabetics

sugar-diabeticsThe professional members of Pharmaexpress were quick to react about the controversial suggestions made by Pharma Community in United States of America. The report has been that under certain circumstances, sugar might be permissible for diabetics. This latest controversial suggestion has been based on a series of experimental breakfast meals in which different carbohydrates were given as part of mixed cooked breakfast. When sugar was given in this way, blood sugar level did not appear to be higher than after the other starchy carbohydrates-none of which were particularly high in fibre.

 The main criticism of this study is that it related to only one meal in the day. There are as yet no studies where sugar has been given to diabetics over a long period of time. In the future, it may prove to be possible for some diabetics, both insulin dependent and non- insulin dependent, who are not overweight to have a certain amount of sugar as part of their overall daily calorie intake. But we would strongly advise all diabetics against this practice at present until the results of longer term studies are available. There are certainly some diabetics whose condition becomes appreciably worse when they add sugar to their diet.

There are many tips given according to media sources of PharmaExpress. Reducing the amount of fat helps to lower blood cholesterol levels which are often raised in people with diabetes and so hopefully in the long run reduces the risk of heart attack, to which diabetics are particularly prone. Many non-insulin dependent diabetics are overweight and need to lose weight to help control their condition. A high fibre diet is filling, which helps make slimming easier.

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