Statin, Osteoporosis Drug Combo May Help Treat Parasitic Infections

It is happy to know that Statin and osteoporosis drug combo may help to treat parasitic infections. This was achieved and recently discovered that a potent combination of two commonly prescribed drugs utilized to treat high cholesterol and osteoporosis. It would cinch serve as the basic foundation of a new innovative treatment for toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. It is reported and proudly published their findings recently in PLOS Pathogens.
Toxoplasma gondii is considered as a parasite capable of infecting nearly all warm-blooded animals. It is assumed that healthy human adults usually suffer no lasting ill effects from infection. They could be baleful or fatal to unborn fetuses or those with weakened immune systems.
The cogent therapies for toxoplasmosis have focused on drugs for many years that focus only the parasite. The findings show professionally how we can hit the parasite with two drugs simultaneously. It is therefore affects body chemistry in the host and one that expediently affects the parasite.

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