Sikkim Reports Highest Number Percent of Diabetes, Hypertension as per NPCDCS Screening


Among many potent surveys this analysis would greatly help medical community. The latest analysis conveys that Sikkim emerged as the State to have maximum percentage of suspected diabetic patients, as a result of positive screening for diabetes and hypertension by the Union government is any indication.

The much awaited the figures based on the screening so far done under the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS). The ongoing data illustrates that screening for diabetes & hypertension among the population above 30 years of age has been initiated in 100 districts of 21 States. 3, 81, 12,537 persons have been screened for diabetes and 20, 14,385 persons have been screened for hypertension till the end of August.

In conclusion the summary of the report published by International Diabetes Federation (IDF; 5th Edition, 2011), number of people with diabetes (20-79 years) in Urban setting of India are about 27 millions in 2011 which is projected to reach about 56 millions in 2030.

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