Piramal Life’s Dr P D Mishra gets ‘OPPI Scientist Award 2013′

OPPI_barva_kr_CMYK_RGB The major news of this hour was that Piramal Life Sciences’ Dr P D Mishra, senior group leader, Natural Product Chemistry, NCE Research, has proudly won ‘OPPI Scientist Award 2013′ for expedient performance in natural products drug discovery research. It is so important for all of our pharma industry to greatly reduce burden of disease.

The works of Dr Mishra has made proud and he has professionally discovered several new cogent compounds from streptomycetes, fungi and plants in the area of infection, cancer and inflammation. It is also reported that numerous compound being sincerely studied by Piramal Life Sciences in the field of cancer therapy.

These potent compounds would actively treat several kinds of drug resistant cancer patients. It is thus helping to understand new innovative mechanisms in cancer biology. Dr Mishra has expediently discovered many antibiotics and those cinch assist to treat drug resistant infections. He has also established new innovative applications to several known natural products. The most popular work was that in natural bioactive compounds where he found out potent source of lead molecules for therapeutic drug development.

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