Pharmacists Demand Comprehensive Reforms in Pharmacy Act to Strengthen Pharmacy Profession

It is reported that pharmacists in Andhra Pradesh have professionally demanded comprehensive reforms in Pharmacy Act. They suggested positively that the government must expediently recognize professionals with Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) as primary healthcare providers in the state.
They also demand that the present Pharmacy Act must require potent amendments to offer more quality to the pharmacy profession. They had to be professionally amended to accommodate pharmacists which would further strengthen the profession. For example the cogent professionals holding Pharm D degrees are not properly recognized as primary healthcare providers, while they possess all sufficient knowledge about the drug information and could expediently treat basic illness.
In addition they are most easily accessible in the social community and could spread public awareness soon. They can also be an effective part of administration of public and preventive health programmes. It is also possible to carry out vaccination in a professional manner.
They also demanded following process namely

* To create a separate Directorate of Pharmacy in the medical and health department

* To reconstitute Pharmacists as Director Pharmacy

* Deputy Director (Admin)

* Deputy Director (purchase)

* Officer in charge pharmacy and

* Chief pharmacists in each hospital

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