Is Pharma Industry an Option for Graduates?


The pharma industry usually employs pharmacy graduates as well as postgraduates. Graduates can be employed in several capacities, such as manufacturing or in quality control and, of course, in marketing or distribution. Graduates who have completed a course in pharmaceutical science or in pharmaceutical technology usually possess the expertise that is needed for all these above categories of jobs.


A Great Career Option

Science graduates can have a very successful career if they join the pharmaceutical industry. However, other graduates can also join the sales or the marketing side of the operations of pharma operations. All these companies need the services of graduates who have good communication skills. They can easily climb the ladder of success if they have a sound understanding of the various products of the company and are able to promote them effectively in the competitive marketplace.

Health care and Research

These are the two major sectors for graduates seeking a career in this industry.  Graduates can also work in sales and have the responsibility of promoting ethical products to healthcare professionals. In case of the science related roles, one will have to be equipped with the specific degrees, whereas all graduates can seek options in sales and marketing sectors. Graduates with good communication skill as well as a commercial flair can do well in marketing roles. The qualification depends on the field in which you are interested. However, a science degree graduation is enough for most of the roles in the pharma industry.

Range of Opportunities

Both medical and non-medical graduates have good options while pursuing a career in the pharma industry. They can pursue careers in the regulatory affairs or in the registration aspect, as companies have to show a compliance with the required regulations, before they are able to develop and market a new drug. Graduates who have a strong writing or linguistic skills can get jobs in this sector, along with those who are proficient in statistics or computer technology. There are many challenging opportunities for graduates who are proficient in business management. Support services in the pharma industry are inclusive of legal and finance sectors as well as safety, environmental control and personnel sections. Graduates can also seek jobs in purchasing or accounts section and in the administration sector.

Finding Suitable Roles

All graduates from different fields can find roles in the pharma sector that suit their personal strengths. They can take advantage of opportunities available in several varied areas of the pharma companies’ activities. The options are plenty, as many pharma companies also offer support for part time study that enables graduates to achieve professional qualifications as well as vocational training for different levels of jobs. They can get access to training for specialist areas of the job and are familiarized with new techniques. Graduates can enjoy a good working environment, as companies use best health and safety practices to meet all legal requirements.

The biggest advantage for graduates seeking a career in the pharma industry is that they can avail the opportunity of working in a successful industry, where they are able to make a valuable contribution towards helping and improving the life of millions of people from all over the globe.

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