International Revenue of 25 pharma Up by 27.6% in 2012-13, Contributes Over 67% to Total Revenues

Among strong competition, regular quality issues and economic slowdown experienced in all developed countries, while India’s top 25 pharmaceutical companies actively continue to register impressive growth in their global business.
A recent study of the active performances among 25 companies illustrate that they recorded a growth of 27.6 per cent in consolidated global revenues during the year 2012-13 as compared to 13.8 per cent growth in their domestic sales revenue. The potent global revenues have contributed major share of 67 per cent in aggregate net sales and quality domestic revenue worked out to 33 per cent.
The consolidated net sales of Pharmabiz sample of 25 companies ameliorated by 23.7 per cent to Rs.1, 05,103 crore from Rs.84, 973 crore in the previous year. The global revenues of these companies inclined to Rs.70, 621 crore for the year 2013. It was earlier Rs.55, 363 crore and their domestic revenue moved up to Rs.34, 161 crore from Rs.30, 009 crore.

1.Ranbaxy Laboratories registered sales of Rs.10, 125 crore
2.Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (Rs.9, 741 crore)
3.Sun Pharmaceuticals (Rs.7, 681 crore)
4.Lupin (Rs.6, 902 crore)
5.Wockhardt (Rs.4, 619 crore)

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