How to Get the Best Out Of Freshers


After four long years at college, a man or woman is tired of studying and excited to get out of the classroom and into their dream job.  However, when a person is fresh out of college, there are a lot of obstacles that person must face like the fact that they are lacking in experience. Though some companies are a little wary about hiring a fresh college graduate, these newbies can prove to be great workers if they are given the chance. There are ways for companies to get the best out of inexperienced candidates that are applying for their first job.

Tell Them Their Job Expectations Gently

The first step to motivating a newly hired graduate is to tell them right away of their job expectations.   There is nothing worse than the element of surprise and a newly hired man or woman that does not know what to expect may react badly when being told what their responsibilities are. The boss of this new hire has to be tactful yet gentle or they may lose their new hire before they even begin to work.

Get the New Employee a Mentor

To help a new employee get their feet wet, it may be a good idea for that person to be working with a mentor. Typically, the best employee should be used to guide the newest member of the team. A new hire may be scared, especially when it comes to working in the world of pharma sales, and they will need all the guidance they can get from someone who knows all about it.

Give them Training Materials

Typically, most pharmaceutical companies have some sort of employee manual.  However, if a person is working in pharma sales, there may also be a separate manual that has training in it like for sales. Once this manual is given to the newly hired person, it should be gone over with the help of the mentor to be sure that the new hire understands how to do their job in the proper manner.

Cut the New Employee Some Slack

Every newly hired person has a lot of expectations put onto them because the company is taking a chance hiring someone especially if that person is fresh out of college.  The first few months are going to be difficult, and that person should not have a lot of expectations put on them since they are still training and learning all about the world of pharmaceutical sales.

Help that Employee Gain Confidence

Working with a mentor, and also working with the boss while training, is going to help a newly hired person fresh from college gain the confidence they need in order to do their job. Remember, this person is fresh from college, and they really have had no real world experience except for maybe a minimum wage job while they were studying and going to school. This new member of the company has to be built up, so once training is over, that person can emerge from their probationary period ready to join the rest of the pharma sales team and prove that hiring a newbie fresh from college was a good decision.

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