How to Access the Performance of Sales Reps


Sales representatives who work in the field of pharma sales are often evaluated for how well they sell pharmaceuticals. Typically, the reps are evaluated once every few months or if that person is up for a promotion or other awards of recognition for their hard work. The better a person is at pharma sales, the better their chances are of moving up in the pharmaceutical company. The upper management of pharmaceutical companies will have a certain set of standards for how they evaluate the performance of their sales reps.


Look at the Rep’s Marketing Plans

Every sales rep in the pharmaceutical company has their own methods for how they make their pharma sales. However, if the sales rep is not living up to certain expectations, then it is up to the sales leader to take a look at the methods that the representative is using, including a marketing plan that person may be following. If the marketing plan is proving to be unsuccessful at helping the rep obtain higher sales numbers, then it may be time for that person to try another strategy.

Compare the Sales Performances to the Company’s Expectations

Another way to evaluate the performance of a sales rep is to take a look at that person’s past history with the company. If that person was very good at sales when they first began pharma sales, then whatever was used back in the past can help that person with their future sales. The look into the past is not to make the sales rep feel bad, but to show that rep that they were once very successful at sales, and with the right help, they can be once again.

Evaluate the Reps Dealings with Customers

Customers are an important part of pharma sales, and if a rep is not making sales then it could be the way they are dealing with customers. Customers have to be treated with courtesy and respect or they are not going to be willing to listen to whatever the pharma sales rep has to say. A good way for a sales leader to find out how their rep is dealing with customers is to go along with them when they try to make a sale or listen to how they are on the phone with customers.

Evaluate the Reps Sales Skills

How well does a pharma rep know the products that a company is offering, and about the company itself? Customers are always going to have questions, and a sales rep has to be prepared to answer those questions. Sometimes, customers ask a lot of questions to test the knowledge of the sales rep, and will base their decision to buy pharmaceuticals based on how well the rep can answer those questions. A sales leader should always make sure that every single one of their reps knows about the products and the company because if a customer asks a question they cannot answer, then it will leave a bad impression on that customer about the pharmaceutical company. Knowledge is power, and a sales rep has the power to be good at their sales job.

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