HMRI Launches 104 Health Information Helpline in Raipur


It was major breakthrough as the Health Management and Research Institute (HMRI), a primary healthcare initiative under Piramal Foundation, has professionally launched 104 Health Information Helpline. They are stated that this 30 seated Health Information Helpline would successfully operate on 24 x7, throughout the year. In addition to many features this potent helpline call centre is located in Raipur and can handle a call volume of 2,500 calls a day.

The call centre is professionally equipped with well trained paramedics, counselors, doctors, specialists and uses HMRI’s algorithm and disease summary. The paramedics assist in providing basic medical advice whereas the doctors provide expert advice at the call centre. It is stated that more prominent advice is also provided for long-term illness conditions such as diabetes, heart issues, cancer, common ailments and chronic and acute medical issues.

The professional team also shares much required details during

  1. Local epidemics and health scares,
  2. Rehab counseling (alcohol, drugs, smoking)
  3. Psychological counseling (anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, chronic diseases like cancer etc.).
  4. Experts address issues related to family planning, stigmatized diseases (HIV, AIDS, and leprosy),
  5. Birth disorders like cleft lip and club foot among the new born, childcare, pregnancy and safe birth practices as well as sickle cell anemia.

It also thought that in mere future, the Raipur health helpline can be connected further to telemedicine node that would access and be connected to medical colleges and district hospitals.

Other major professional services offered by the Piramal Foundation led HMRI initiative are 104 health help lines in Assam, Rajasthan, Maharasthra and Karnataka in partnership with the respective state Governments. It has virtually served over 66 million callers till date. More over HMRI has won the bid for the helpline in the state of Jharkhand. HMRI is poised for a growth with ambitious footprint plans across States.

In conclusion the professional Piramal Foundation cherish to expert the latest technologies along with modern management expertise to augment and complement existing public healthcare delivery systems with the highest goal of bringing healthcare to the last mile ,especially for the rural poor. They also planned to spread their Health Information Help lines, Mobile Health Services and Telemedicine initiatives throughout India.

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