Delhi Pharmacy Council Cancels 9000 pharmacists’ Registrations Due to Non-Renewal



The latest pharma news was all about the Delhi Pharmacy Council (DPC) which has canceled nearly around 9000 registrations of pharmacists during the past one year as most of them have not responded to the repeated correspondences from the Council for the renewal of registrations. This is because of the true fact that pharmacists have not instantly updated their equivalent professional addresses with the council as a huge number of them have joined either the pharma industry or have gone abroad in search of positive pastures.


It is noted that council has made 24, 000 registrations since 1949 of which 9000 registrations have been canceled due to non-renewal. They had actually sent letters to the candidates for renewals but did not get responses. So ultimately they have decided to cancel the registrations.


Generally they are collecting a fee of Rs.500 is charged one time for five years by DPC for the registration and 800 pharmacists are registered annually on an average. There are many reasons out that many of the pharmacists might have joined the pharma industry in various capacities and left abroad to pursue advanced studies and since they have failed to update their addresses with the council.

They had made mandatory that professional DPC requires pharmacy inspectors in each of its nine districts for implementation of the Pharmacy Act. In addition the State pharmacy councils are empowered to appoint pharmacy inspectors with the previous sanction of the state government.


It is also meant that the DPC is awaiting approval on the same from the state government for the past five years. Eventually all sources say that the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) mandates there should be one pharmacist for three doctors. This potent matter has also been taken up with the concern Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to be further pursued with the respective state governments.


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