Collegium Gets US Patent Covering Oxycodone DETERx ER opioid product

In today’s major headlines was that the Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc., a popular pharmaceutical company, has successfully acknowledged US patent from the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). More over it is reported that for issuance as a new patent by the USPTO. These two patents relate to Collegium’s Oxycodone DETERx formulation and expediently claims which cover the company’s lead product, an abuse-deterrent and extended-release oxycodone product nourishing its proprietary DETERx technology.
The formulation platform is wholly covered by US and international patents. This persuasive patent would help in many ways. Oxycodone DETERx would be the first of a number of product candidates utilizing the DETERx platform.
According to Pharmaexpress the Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. is regard to focus on developing a portfolio of products which cinch incorporate its patent-protected DETERx formulation platform for the potent treatment of chronic pain.
More over Collegium has professionally executed a comprehensive development program for evaluation of the product’s abuse-deterrent properties consistent with the popular FDA’s recently-issued Guidancem.

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