• Blood Cancer

    First Ever Haplo-identical Transplant for treating Blood Cancers in India

    The core members of pharmaexpress were haste to report about the latest announcement of MIOT Hospitals. For the first time in India MIOT Hospitals came out successful with the Haploid-Identical transplant for treating blood related disorders respectively for Blood Cancers – Leukemia, Lymphomas and myelomas.

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  • 14

    Role of Indian Pharmaceutical Companies

    The Indian pharmaceutical industry plays an undeniably important role in Good Distribution Practices (GDP). Contract research, production or manufacture, clinical trials, research and development of drugs and vaccines are the core competencies of the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Pharmacists

    Pharmaceutical Industry- A Promising Future

    The development of pharmaceutical industry in general has contributed greatly to higher life expectancy along with decreased rate of death. The Indian pharmaceutical industry has undergone constant evolution owing to the continuous research and development taking place. Pharmaceutical companies at present deal with either generic drugs or brand medications

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    The Growth of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

    The Pharmaceutical Industry in India has undergone a tremendous growth at a rate of about 12% per year since 2008. India currently ranks third in the world with respect to production volume and ranks 14th with respect to product value (15% of the global segment).

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  • India Pharma

    India- A Strong Pharma Destination

    India has become the most sought after destination globally for drug research and development. Of the many factors which have contributed to this effect, the most important ones are that India possesses a vast reservoir of talented work pool consisting of highly-skilled doctors and scientists, trained paramedical staff and research assistants, and infrastructure which is updated from time to time with advance in technology.

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  • Investment

    Investment Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Industry in India

    The pharmaceutical industry in India is among the most progressive and advanced among the developed countries and has provided great opportunities of employment to several thousands of people, apart from contributing greatly towards the Indian economy. This is a knowledge based industry and offers excellent investment opportunities for investors from all over the world.

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    The Indian Pharma Industry – A Defensive Bet

    What is the position of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry? Is it the right time to invest in this industry? These and other questions need an urgent answer to make strategic decisions regarding investment plans. On rationale thinking and analysis, it seems to be quite a reasonable bet to invest in the Indian Pharma Industry. One significant basis for such a view would be that the pharmaceutical companies are very well placed to grab the Generic opportunities in the coming years.

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