Career and Overview of Pharma Medical Representative Jobs

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The Indian pharma industry is in a steady growth phase and is sustaining the development and promotion of several vital medicines. With this, there is an ever-increasing demand for professionals in the pharma sales field or pharma medical representatives. It is a very attractive career option, as the potential for salary increase is good. The person can also derive great career benefits and, additionally, there is a lot of glamour attached to the job as well.

Role of the Medical Representative

Pharma companies recruit medical representatives in order to introduce and market their drugs in the market. The representative has to visit hospitals and clinics, as well as nursing homes and different medical practitioners. They will also have to interact with retailers and wholesalers of medicine and offer information regarding the products of the company for which they work. Their main objective is to maximize the prescription of the drugs of the company in a specific location or area.

Increased Demand and Skills

 As the Indian pharma industry is growing, there are many new products that are being launched. These products increase the demand for specialized knowledge among medical representatives. They are now expected to have more skills and also be equipped with good product knowledge in order to answer questions posed by informed medical practitioners. A professional who has a good marketing flair can show these skills in order to attain management roles in the company. They can have a very promising career in pharmaceutical marketing, if they have an impressive sales performance and are able to manage their customers effectively. He should be capable of achieving the targets set by the company.

Job Potential and Opportunities 

The job has good potential as it offers a good medial representative to rise to the levels of Sales Managers for the Area, the Region, and the Zone and then go on to become Vice President and President of Sales and even up to the Managing Director.  Medical representatives also have several other options, such as working in pharma marketing and consultation services or working for Clinical business development. They can also play a role in Brand or Product management.

Typical Work or Environment

 In a typical environment, a medical representative can work from a home-based office with just a company car. He may have to check in at the local office of the company. He will spend the major portion of his time in the field or his area meeting physicians and other retailers in his locality, visiting about five or six physician offices in a day. Apart from these visits, he also needs to participate in sales conferences or meetings and have conference calls with other members of the team, take part in training sessions and so on. He may be called upon to make presentations at the physician’s office and give information and enter into discussions regarding the drug effectiveness, its side effects, benefits and so on.

Education and Skills

College graduates having a bachelor degree is sufficient qualification for the job. They must be professional and organized and be able to memorize a certain amount of medical terminology and information relating to the product they represent. The job can be a stressful one, so they must be able to handle the stress while meeting deadlines and goals.

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