Bioanalysis: Sample Preparation, HPLC And LC-MS

bioanalysisIt is happy to note that India has been a persuasive player in the global pharmaceutical scene for the past few decades. The pharmaceutical industry has been focusing on ameliorating quality of products by adapting global standards. It also enabled healthy processes and being the early adapters of changing regulatory requirements. The quality edge in production and global competition gave the chance for domestic pharmaceutical companies to explore the possibilities of strengthening locally, the other parts of the pharmaceutical value chain.

The popular Bioanalysis is considered as a specialized area of pharmaceutical value chain, gained momentum in the early 2000s in India. It is highly grown with many Indian Pharmaceutical companies professionally investing in it, to innovate and improve the quality of drugs they manufacture. With the prospective policies for imports of necessary instruments like HPLC, LCMS and consumables, infrastructure for the Bioanalytical laboratories began meeting the international standards.

The global pharmaceutical companies quickly discovered the advantage of outsourcing this service to India, which cinch could deliver the results with international quality at a cost advantage. The arrival of multiple Clinical Research Organizations inclined the visibility of the talent available in India with quality and timely results to the global pharmaceutical companies.

The talented scientists, awareness of regulatory guidelines and a quality team of experts leading the firms, India’s bioanalytical workspace has become the most sought after destination with China closely following up. As a result it developed a demand for bioanalytical professionals in the country. Eventually it paved way for universities and colleges in building up facilities to provide value based postgraduate courses in Bioanalytical Chemistry. It professionally created students to build up their scientific and management careers.

It is more beneficial that the present and future generation of bioanalysts is imparted with cogent knowledge on these issues and prepares them for such critical situations. More importantly the students pursuing postgraduate studies in various disciplines should get the right orientation into the field of bioanalysis.

SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, suggested that it is important to bring this topic of bioanalysis to the postgraduate students of all disciplines in the college as well as to the other college students as also to the college faculty, who would be interested. The fresh employees in pharmaceutical and Clinical Research organizations may also feel this as a great chance to get a prospective insight to this topic in one day as it gives both the theoretical session and practical demonstrations.

It is highly commendable that Chromatographic Society of India (CSI) and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory (TDM) instantly agreed to collaborate for this workshop and while popular AB SCIEX proudly agreed to financially support the workshop to a large extent. The event management professional trust that it would cinch offer the participants a good insight into the area of bionalysis, importance in the development of new drugs, the quality of analytical instrumentation and the potent regulatory affairs in the area.

Program: On September 07, 2013

Registration 08.30 -09.00AM
Inaugural Function 09.00-09.15 AM
Plenary Lecture: The Importance of Bioanalysis& Today’s Challenges- Dr. SasikumarMenon, TDM Laboratory, Mumbai 09.15-10.00 AM
Tea Break 10.00- 10.30 AM
Lecture 2: The Importance of Sample Preparation in BioanalysisDr. Ashutosh Pudage, Accutest Laboratories, Navi  Mumbai 10.30 -11.15 AM
Lecture 3: HPLC Technique and its importance in BioanalysisMs. VanishreeAcharya, Kromaspects, Bangalore. 11.15-12.00PM
Lecture 4: LC-MS-MS Technique and its importance in BioanalysisDr. ManojPillai, AB Sciex, Gurgaon 12.00- 01.00 PM
Lunch and Transfer to TDM Laboratory 01.00 – 02.00 PM
Demonstration of Sample Preparation, HPLC Analysis and LC-MS-MS Analysis in 3 batches by rotation. 02.00-04.15PM
Feedback on the Workshop and Distribution of Certificates 04.15-04.30 PM

Registration for the Workshop:

Mrs. Jayanthi Ramamurthy (Convener)
Head, Chemistry Department
SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce
Sion(West), Mumbai – 400 022.
Phone: +91 98923 15643;
E-Mail ID:;

Organizing Committee:

  •  Mrs.Jayanthi Ramamurthy, Chemistry Department, SIES College
  • Mrs. RathiRamachandran, Chemistry Department, SIES College
  • Mrs. Preeti Kumar Jain, Chemistry Department, SIES College
  • Mr. ShabbirBohra, Chemistry Department, SIES College
  • Dr. G. Ramakrishnan, Chromatographic Society of India
  • Dr. SasikumarMenon, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory
  • Mr. Jagjyot Singh, AB SCIEX

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