AstraZeneca Enters Co-Promotion Agreement with Janssen in Japan for Prostate Cancer Treatment

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In a positive move from AstraZeneca today professionally conveyed that it has entered into a cogent agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals K. K. in Japan to co-promote abiraterone acetate, and unique oral therapy for the treatment of patients with prostate cancer. Presently the major treatment option available to patients in Japan is medical castration. It is also reported that prostate cancer can still progress in many patients because androgens are produced in other tissues.

In order to know about the Abiraterone acetate, it is a CYP17-inhibitor, inhibits the major enzyme which modulates the production of androgens, hormones which actively stimulate prostate cancer cells to grow, from all sources in the body. By this process it lowers the level of androgens available to the prostate cancer cells, which is the target of treatment in prostate cancer.

More over Abiraterone acetate is a great inclusion to existing portfolio of leading cancer treatments. It therefore adds major potential to address growing patient need.

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