Aging Tumor Cells May Be an Effective Cancer Treatment

tumour cells

In a major breakthrough of effective Cancer treatment the potent scientists have professionally illustrated that diffuse of large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) may be susceptible to treatment. It is then by re-activating the normal aging program in tumor cells can no longer divide. This potent findings recently published in Nature Communications, explains a novel, tumor-suppressive role for the Smurf2 protein.

Moreover it expediently plays an “enforcer” role in cellular aging, respectively called senescence – in a subset of DLBCL. It is also reported that Identification of this innovative function for Smurf2 offers a new therapeutic target for treating this cancer.
More studies suggest that this potent pathway is responsible for senescence and suppressing proliferation of B cells. It is cinch that human DLBCL show low levels of Smurf2 expression with much low levels affect a pathway which encourages un-checked cell division and tumor growth. In addition it is possible that restoration of Smurf2 expression might offer provide therapeutic benefits for patients and assist encourage remission in difficult to treat cases.
It is reported that Tumor cells showed decreased levels of Smurf2 expression. Therefore it increased levels of YY1 and c-Myc expression. With that increased levels of YY1 and c-Myc caused cells, comprising B-cells, to continue dividing. The unrestrained cell proliferation would be the hallmark of several cancers and in the case of DLBCL cells with a perturbed Smurf2-YY1-c-Myc pathway, it actively leads to tumor formation.

They are not only put in act of lack in Smurf2 but also lead to increased cell division through this pathway. Therefore it also permits the tumor cells to continue dividing longer. The Smurf2 normally plays a part in cellular aging where in the expression levels are already low in DLBCL cells. As a result the active tumor cells don’t age normally. In conclusion the tumor B-cells expediently remain younger longer, offering them to proliferate even more.

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